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Ceramic Bed Knives
Product details

The pelletizer system is an important equipment for chemical fiber raw materials and engineering plastics industry. The cutting rotor (CR) and the bed knife (BK) are the key spare parts of the pelletizer, and their wear resistance directly affects the pelletizing quality. 25 years ago, Dr. Xiao proposed the concept of "CR/BK life-time matching". Generally speaking, the cutting rotor has 30-40 teeth, so the wear resistance of the bed knife should be about 30 times as the life of a single tooth of the cutting rotor, to be considered as matching each other.

Since the mid-1990s, Dr. Xiao began to study the application of ceramics in polyester pelletizing, including alumina, zirconia and etc. At the same time, glass fiber reinforced engineering plastics are widely used, so the impact toughness and wear resistance of the bed knife in the dry pelletizer need to be greatly improved. 

Therefore, with over 20 years’ experience, we have successively developed 2 kinds of ceramic bed knives and 4 kinds of bed knives made by different cemented carbide materials. Below is the brief report about the character and application scenario.

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